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Consultation hour

Consult our midwives with all your questions concerning pregnancy and for preventive medical examinations. This service is also available for women who want to give birth in hospital.

Anke with a mother in the consultation hour

Our midwives are trained to undertake regular CTG (cardiotocograph) controls as well as Moxen with BEL (gentle turn).

Please contact us by telephone to make an appointment for a consultation.


Visual Monitoring

For smaller examinations or if you just want to see your unborn child we offer “baby television” (ultrasound scans). However, we make no diagnostic or doppler investigations.

Ultrasonic picture in the 14th Week

 We can produce a video photo CD for your computer at home.

Prenatal care

The prenatal care covers all examinations according to the mandatory guidelines of the German "Mutterpass" (mother’s passport).

We check blood pressure, weight, size of the uterus, position of the child, heart tones and carry out all laboratory tests. These tests are equivalent to the gynaecologist’s examinations. For the recommended ultrasound screenings we can write you a transferral letter for an appointment with a specialised doctor.

Gudrun at prenatal care

The costs of the preventive medical examinations undertaken by our midwives are covered by health insurance companies, so no additional payments have to be made. The practice fee raised by physicians does not apply in the Birthing Centre.



Birth in our Birthing Center

Birthing Centre births connect the private atmosphere of home with the security of the professional infrastructure of a Birthing Centre. You can try out different birth-positions or birth-rooms, at any time you can spontaneously decide to have a water birth.

The red birth room is one of three birth rooms.


Hospital birth

Women who want to give birth in hospital, or who for medical reasons can give birth only in hospital, have the chance to be accompanied by one of our Birthing Centre midwives during labour in hospital.

In our consultation hours you have the chance to meet every member of our midwifery team. This way you can address all your questions to professional staff and establish close and trusting relations to all Birthing Centre midwives.

Beate had a heavy birth in hospital


This means that you already know the midwife who accompanies you during birth in hospital. The Birthing Centre midwife will stay with you throughout labour. This way you won’t have to worry about changing shifts and new faces during the birth in hospital.

The midwife, who accompanies you to the birth, cares for you regardless of whether you have an ambulatory or in-patient delivery. She continues to care for you during puerperal and carries out postpartum care.

Home birth

At any time, our midwives are equipped for a home birth at your house. Your midwife will advise you during prenatal care whether the pregnancy progress makes a home birth advisable.

A midwifery bag of 1903.


Water birth

Warm water makes it easier for you to bear labour und helps to relax. It promotes the blood circulation and helps to loosen the birth cannal for your child.

Water or bed - you can switch at any time.


Postpartum care

Usually the midwife who was the leading midwife during birth carries out your post-partum care. She cares for the mother in childbed, looks after the baby, and advises on all questions concerning the baby’s care and nutrition. The midwife remains available for all your questions up to the end of the breast-feeding time.

Satisfying brest-feeding requires patience and practice.



Consultation hour

Visual Monitoring

Prenatal care

Birth Center




Postpartum care

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